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Gourmet Bird Feeder
Here's a large, unique designed feeder that's a pleasure to look at -- PLUS -- it gives visiting lucky birds their choice of four seeds!

Start by cutting the four end pieces (A,B), deflectors (C), bottom (D) and the roof rafter (E) to length. Follow the pattern in the drawings and use your bandsaw or scroll saw to form the shapes on the ends (A,B). Next, rout the 1/4" grooves in the end pieces (A) to accept the front and back windows (J). Drill the 1/2" dia. x 3/8" deep holes for the dowel perches (H) in the end pieces (A). Rout a 3/8" deep x 3/8" wide rabbet on the OUTSIDE TOP edges of the bottom end pieces (A) -- and the INSIDE BOTTOM edges of the top end pieces (B). These rabbets help to create a weatherproof seal when the feeder is assembled. You'll need to square the rabbets on the top end pieces (B) with a chisel.

Tilt your saw table to 45 degrees and cut the beveled edges of the deflectors (C) to form the pyramid-shape that will keep the seed moving down into the feeder. Use some small brass or copper brads and weatherproof glue to assemble these two pieces together, then attach the assembly to the bottom using brads. Adjust your saw table to a 30 degree tilt and bevel the top edge of the roof rafter (E).

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