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Gourmet Bird Feeder
Here's a large, unique designed feeder that's a pleasure to look at -- PLUS -- it gives visiting lucky birds their choice of four seeds!

Using five #8 x 1-1/4" brass, flathead wood screws on each end, attach the lower ends to the bottom and ends of the deflectors, as shown in the drawing (DON'T insert the perches, yet). Slip the front and back windows (J) into the grooves in the end pieces (A). Attach the upper ends (B) to the roof rafter (E) with flathead wood screws and weatherproof glue and set the assembly aside.

Layout Detail A Detail B

Cut the remaining plastic parts (K,L,M) using your bandsaw or scroll saw. Drop the compartment dividers (K) into position in the feeder, spaced evenly along its length. Using a 1/8" plexiglass drill bit (They're available at most hardware stores and home centers and have a sharp pointed tip to prevent breakage when drilling plastics.), VERY CAREFULLY drill through the windows (J) and into the edges of the compartment dividers to a depth of about 9/32". Use three 1/2" x #4 brass roundhead wood screws to attach each window (J) to each side of the three compartment dividers (18 screws, total). Be very careful when tightening these screws to avoid breaking the plastic dividers (K).

Align the feed dividers (L) with the compartment dividers and carefully drill your 1/8" pilot holes through the 1/4" tab at the tops of the feed dividers (L) and into the windows (J). Attach the tops of the dividers to the windows (J) using six of the same small screws. Position an edging piece (M) on each side of the feeder. Drill four evenly spaced pilot holes through the bottoms of each edging piece (M) for screwing these pieces to the edges of the wooden bottom (D). Be careful not to drill into your wood so your screw tips will get a better grip. Next, drill a pilot hole through the edging pieces (M) and into the edges of the feed dividers (L) where these pieces meet. Using 6 more 1/2" x #4 brass roundhead screws, attach the edgings (M) to the feed dividers (L). Loosen the screws holding one of the lower ends (A) to the bottom (D), slip the perches into position and re-tighten.

The final step is to cut the 18 roof shingles (F). Tilt your table saw or bandsaw table to 7 degrees and carefully resaw the 2-1/8" wide x 3/4" thick pieces into the angles shingles as shown in the detail drawing. Overlap the shingles and fasten them to the upper ends (B) and roof rafter (E) with brass or copper brads. Tilt the table on your table saw to 30 degrees and cut the inside V on the edge of a wide board for the weather cap (G). Move your rip fence in toward the blade 1/2" and cut another V. Tack the cap (G) into place and attach window sash locks to the ends (A,B) to hold the top of the feeder to the bottom. Mount your feeder to a post...or hang it from a branch with a chain or cable through a screw-eye or eye bolt that's attached to the roof rafter (E).

Detail F Detail K Detail L

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